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The Culinary School of Fort Worth

Other schools can teach you cooking and baking techniques, but CSFTW teaches culinary excellence. We prepare you for real-world kitchens and professional environments. We are a small unique culinary school that focuses on the student’s needs and desires to meet their long-term goals.

Learn from experienced chef instructors in small class sizes. You will receive highly focused, one-on-one instruction and insights. Our chef school proudly prepares students to exemplify excellence anywhere in the culinary community.

All our professionally trained faculty are trained chef instructors with experience, food-based knowledge and the ability to inspire. Students receive mentoring from our chefs and learn tips and "chef secrets" about how to be successful in the culinary arts world

Networking is a high-value skill for developing a culinary career, and CSFTW is the perfect opportunity to meet local chefs, food industry leaders, and develop relationships in the culinary world.

Professional Culinary Program

The Professional Culinary Program (PCP) emphasizes gastronomy (the art and science of professional cooking and eating), culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, and kitchen management with an emphasis on day-to-day operations.

Reasons to Choose The CSFTW

Hands on Training - 85% of the program is hands on learning and 15% is lecture-based

Externship Included - Get real world experience as part of our program

Experienced Chef Instructors - Learn culinary secrets and tips from professionally trained chefs

Flexible Class Times - We offer morning, afternoon and evening class options

Financial Aid Opportunities - Financial aid is available to students who qualify

Wondering if The CSFTW is right for you? Hear what our students say...

"[Learning] food costing as well as front of the house management have both been great in advancing my career.”

Aaron Austin | Executive Chef

“One thing I learned at The CSFTW is how to work as a team. Before I had always taken it upon myself to do everything I could and not ask for help. The Chefs at the school taught me to rely more on my team in the kitchen...”

Kobi Perdue | Chef de Cuisine

“Learning from my instructors and other peers. It would be impossible to move forward and thrive in my businesses without embracing the skills, experience and knowledge from others.”

Callie Salls | Owner